my tooth hurts extremely, i went to a dentist but the price to pull my tooth is way over budget. any advice to STOP the pain for a few days?

Tooth pain may seem like a trivial matter to anyone not afflicted with a toothache, but it can be quite debilitating. Toothaches can cause pain that may range from mild dull and constant or sporadic aching sensations, to a persistent intense pain or sudden bouts of stabbing pain. Toothaches and tooth pain can be caused due to a variety of reasons and while some may be due to minor problems in other cases the cause could be a lot more threatening. Tooth ache or tooth pain causes are however not very easy to determine, which is why a visit to the dentist is always advisable if there is persistent pain.

Tooth pain may be caused due to gum disease, tooth decay, periodontal disease, an abscessed tooth, or increased tooth sensitivity. Misshapen or broken tooth or also the emergence of a new tooth can often cause wisdom tooth pain, molar pain or gum pain and jaw pain. Certain dental procedures like a root canal or tooth extraction can also cause severe or persistent pain, for which painkillers are usually prescribed as tooth pain medicine for some quick tooth pain relief. The fitting of braces can also cause some pain, and improperly fitted braces are particularly responsible for braces pain. Tooth pain after a dental filling is also quite common, but in most cases where the tooth pain results from a dental procedure, such as root canal, the pain will eventually fade away.

A visit to the dentist may not always be possible immediately, because of time constraints or simply because of long waiting lists. Tooth pain remedies can come in very handy in such situations and you could try using a tooth pain remedy to relive tooth pain, whether wisdom tooth pain or front tooth pain. Tooth desensitizers may also help temporarily. Do keep in mind that any home treatments or painkillers are only temporary measures however that will not cure the problem. They simply relieve the symptoms and reduce the pain, but do little to actually treat the cause of the pain. Getting dental treatment is absolutely essential as very often dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease can cause more serious complications.

Home Cure for Toothache

Your own home can be a dentist clinic if you go through the following home remedies for curing tooth pain permanently.

Firstly, make sure that you rinse your mouth with salt water on a daily basis. Rinsing with hot or cold water can aggravate the tooth pain and salt water relives pain. This is because salt helps in absorbing the fluids responsible for causing the swelling and has a soothing effect on the tooth. If the pain is in excess, you can always go for analgesic to calm down the unbearable pain.

Ice is again a very fruitful source of reducing swelling and soothing tooth pain. But, never apply ice directly on the tooth; rather use an ice pack or ice covered in a towel.

Another best home remedy for tooth pain is Eugenol or clove oil. It is therapeutic oil that helps to ease pain. Liquid clove oil when mixed with zinc oxide can form a tooth filling for the cavity. The reaction of this oil is temporary so you can only have temporary relief. For permanent cure, you can definitely visit a dentist if the pain does not go.

Avoid extreme temperatures in any form. Don't drink extremely hot or cold water as extreme water temperatures can increase pain as these hit your nerve endings. Apart from taking care of the soft diet and normal drinking water, it is also essential to cut down on cigarettes. This is because cigarettes are often associated with various dental and oral problems. Cutting down the consumption of tobacco can greatly reduce the tooth pain and relive you from various other dental problems.

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