I have a tooth ache. I am going to the dentist in a few days. Any temporary treatment for the pain

Toothache is a result of tooth decay, abscess, injury or infection in the gums. Over-the-counter pain killers are helpful. Gargling with warm salt water is useful. Swishing the mouth with alcohol provides temporary remedy. Ice compress placed externally helps in reducing pain and inflammation. Clove oil is an age old remedy.

Dabbing with a swab on the affected tooth provides instant relief. Placing a crushed garlic clove is an excellent remedy, as garlic possesses anti bacterial effect. Rinsing the mouth with vanilla extract is equally effective. Margosa stick used for cleaning the teeth is useful in preventing further infection. Oregano oil applied on the affected tooth gives relief. Chewing a clove is equally helpful. Rinsing the mouth with listerine provides relief from toothache.

Chewing on a piece of ginger inhibits toothache. A decoction of peppermint helps in providing relief from tooth pain. Turmeric powder, used as a tooth powder relieves pain. The degree of decay determines the success of these above said remedies. Chewing an ice cube is also helpful. Proper oral hygiene is helpful in preventing infection. Visit a dentist for further guidance.

answered by Dr C

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