Anal hard bump on outside of hole

Anal bumps near the rectum can be indications for any number of infections. These bumps could be haemorrhoids but can also be abscess, warts, polyps or fissures. Only a doctor, after a physical examination, can determine the actual problem. The treatment will change depending on what problem is diagnosed.

One of the most common causes for hard anal bumps near the rectum is haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids are swollen or inflamed veins which form hard knobbly heads. These hard bumps can be internal or external haemorrhoids, each of which comes with their own set of complications. One of the biggest complications seen with haemorrhoids is blood in the stools. Therefore diagnosis is very important.

Haemorrhoids are caused by chronic constipation, a lack of fibre in the diet and continuous straining while trying to pass bowel movements.  The best way to remedy these bumps at home is by trying out home remedies for them.

Home remedies for haemorrhoids include a lifestyle change rather than a temporary one. If the haemorrhoids are causing pain, petroleum jelly can cause some relief till you allow them to heal. Including more fibre in your diet through raw fruits and vegetables and whole grains can slowly help you to pass stools with more ease. Drinking enough water with the right kind of food is also important for good intestinal health. Getting enough rest and reducing the stress component makes a big difference in trying to heal the haemorrhoids.

You can try applying diluted tea tree oil on the affected areas. This oil has anti inflammatory properties.

If you have boils near the anus, your doctor can suggest different ways to heal them. Not only do they make life difficult but can also spread infection to other parts of the body through the anus. If the problem is an abscess then draining the abscess it is another issue.

Smaller boils, though hard and uncomfortable, heal themselves and disappear on their own. If the boils are large, they might need to be drained by a doctor along with taking a prescription course of antibiotics. Analgesics can help relieve pain. If boils keep recurring then, a more detailed examination, including biopsies is needed. If the boils are warts then they might need to be surgically removed.



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The bump or boil is referred to as piles or hemorrhoids. Gulping down lime juice with milk proves beneficial.

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