Constant pain behind the back and upper shoulder?

A number of adults these days suffer from pain in the shoulders and back, differing in severity and location. The pain can be a result of bad posture and sitting in one place for hours at end. Shoulder and back pain are especially incapacitating but it’s not necessary that your constant pain is very serious. It could well be that all you need is rest. Take a break from your work for a few days and relax, without indulging in much strenuous activities. You can also rub a balm or massage the affected parts with an ice pack or a heating pad for about 15 minutes daily. Do this about four times a day, and it may bring you relief from the pain. If these don’t bring your relief in a few days, you should consult a doctor or even an orthopedic specialist to determine if the pain is symptomatic of a more serious problem like arthritis.

There are a few changes you can bring about in your habits to keep shoulder and back pain at bay. Firstly, pay attention to your posture. One must always sit, stand and walk upright, without slouching. Also, do not sit in once place for too long. Taking a 10-minute walk every hour will prevent backache and shoulder pain. Make sure that your bed is neither too firm nor too soft. Just like excessive physical activity, being inactive can also have negative effects on the body. Always get some form of physical exercise-about 30 minutes a day is good enough. Exercises like tai chi and light aerobics also stretch the muscles and bring relief from back and shoulder pain.

You can also use some home made relievers to get rid of the pain. Prepare oil with Garlic and apply this on the painful areas to get relief. Fry 10 cloves of garlic in 60 ml of sesame, coconut or mustard oil on a low flame till the cloves turn brown in color. Set the oil aside to cool and massage it gently into the parts that are aching. Let the oil remain on the back and shoulder for about four hours and then have a warm bath. You must do this everyday for a fortnight to get desirable results. You can also have two or three cloves of garlic every morning. This is also beneficial in dealing with backache and shoulder pain. You can also apply three drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil on the painful regions and rub it till the oil seeps in.

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Backache and shoulder pain might be attributed to improper posture, stress and inflammation due to injury. Application of hot packs are the best known methods of treatment.

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