I saw a slight spotting of blood in my stools, does it a symptom of piles or just a body heat?

Piles or hemorrhoids is a condition of inflammation and swelling that afflicts the veins located around the anus or lower rectum. As you must be aware, this condition generally results from straining to pass stools, as when constipated. diarrhea, chronic Constipation, pregnancy, aging, and anal intercourse can also cause this condition. Hemorrhoids may be internal or external, which means inside the anus, or around the anus and under the skin. Piles could be two types, external or internal, and the internal variety generally shows no symptoms until or unless there is any bleeding. So it is possible that you have suffered from piles for quite sometime and have only detected it as it has now progressed to bleeding piles. IT is not necessarily a symptom of piles, but this is most likely, while body heat has no such connection.

Piles can be an extremely painful condition, with the irritation and swelling being unbearable. Passing of stools can be particularly painful, and there may even be a presence of blood in the stools. Since the main factor responsible for this condition is straining to pass a stool it is most important that this problem is remedied for any effective and lasting solution to your problem. No amount of treatment and medication will help if you suffer from constipation and exercise strain for passage of stools. Medical treatment is directed towards relieving the symptoms, but it does little to remedy the problem. Lifestyle changes and natural methods are the only option if you wish to resolve this condition. Tub baths or warm soaks and the application of creams are the conventional treatments for piles. Dietary and lifestyle changes are however necessary for any successful cure.

Natural treatments for piles are the most effective way of dealing with the condition and they can help prevent the need for surgery. As with conventional medications, these natural remedies may not cure your piles, but they will relieve the symptoms and give it a chance to heal naturally. Here are some natural remedies for piles that you can use to reduce the pain and inflammation.

  • Apply witch hazel with a swab of cotton on the area. It is believed to act as an astringent and reduce bleeding. It also helps relieve the pain and itching.
  • Horse chestnut is another effective herbal remedy. You can either consume it as an herbal tea or apply it as a compress.
  • A warm soak in a tub with lavender and juniper essential oils added in can also offer some relief.
  • Your diet is the most important aspect of treatment. Fiber is essential for ease of defecation and this will help lessen the pressure on the veins. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will help. Foods like dates, apricots, strawberries, oranges, apples, broccoli, spinach, flaxseed, and whole grain foods are recommended. A fresh fruit juice diet or only fruit diet for a few days will also help remedy your condition.

Keep in mind that an unhealthy diet that is low in fiber and rich in fatty foods, red meats, junk foods, and the likes will only perpetuate your problem and increase the likelihood of a recurrence. Once your condition is resolved return to a normal diet, but limit your intake of unhealthy foods, and continue to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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