Remedies for ear infection in babies

Ear infections are fairly common in young children and babies. This is because they have small ears and they can easily get infected from bacterial or viral infections that have afflicted the child. A cold that the child had earlier may have caused the infection and while the infection itself is not contagious, the virus causing it is. Hence it would be advisable to keep the child away from your other children. When the body fights off this infection, a fever is likely to break out and you may want to check the child’s temperature if she/he is hot to the touch. A rectal temperature would be best as it is more accurate and if the temperature is above 100 degree F, consult the doctor immediately. The doctor is likely to put the child on a course of antibiotics to clear up the infection.

Some ear infections can be extremely painful, so if you notice your child scratching at the ears, putting a finger in or generally tugging at it, it is a sign that the child is suffering from discomfort and pain. If the child is still breast feeding or has recently been weaned, a change in the eating pattern is a giveaway. Hence, even though hungry, they child may eat for a shorter period of time and move away quickly because of the irritation and discomfort. The ear infection makes it difficult for the child to swallow and chew. If the child has not begun to speak, voicing his or her pain is near impossible and you will have to look out for signs like fussiness, crying to be held more than usual and difficulty in sleeping. Occasionally these ear infections which occur after a bout of cold, can be asymptomatic. Nevertheless, if left untreated, it can lead to a loss of hearing and should be taken seriously. Keep warm compresses at hand to place on the ear and when the baby or child is lying down, place a pillow underneath the head to keep the head elevated.

In order to prevent ear infections, make sure that the baby is breast fed for at least six months. This will ensure that the baby has a strong immune system and is capable of fighting a lot of infections on its own. The child should be given the regular vaccinations at the stipulated periods of time as this can help prevent diseases that are likely to cause ear infections.

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