Fever up to 104 motrin not helping what else can we try?

Depending upon the age and otherwise condition of the person who is suffering, there are few options. The very first one is of course to go to a medical emergency room. This should also be the need of the hour, as this kind of a body temperature is nothing to trifle about. The most important thing at this point is to break the fever, that is, to bring the body temperature down. The basic function of applying cold cloths to the forehead is always an underestimated one. But this is one of the most effective ways to break a fever. If you have it, please add some cologne and ice cubes to water, and keep dipping washcloths in it and applying them to the forehead, the wrists and the soles of the feet of the patient. This is extremely useful in bringing down body temperature very rapidly, which is basically the solution that is required. Apart from this, it is also important to rest completely. If possible, get the patient to sleep. A lot of times, people are too busy and tied up with a vast variety of things to find the time to rest. Sleep is possibly the next most underestimated thing at the time of illness – but it is also the most required thing.

It is essential to understand that if there is a fever, then it is the body’s method of fighting off an infection. Each time there are bacteria or virus present in the body, and they are hard at work destroying the red blood cells and sapping the body of strength and stamina, the body’s way of reacting to this is to raise its temperature. So in many ways, particularly in a situation where the patient is seriously ill, getting a fever is a good sign. Of course it is also dangerous if it rises to such a degree. Another effective way to reduce body temperature is to also drink a lot of cool fluid. This too will be extremely helpful. An excellent way to bring body temperature down rapidly is to have a cool sponge. This will help by nullifying the heat off the body. For those who have difficulty in swallowing, which is sometimes a common enough side effect of the fever, it is also a good idea to suck on frozen fruit. This will help to battle the fever well. Have fresh juices to add to the body’s strength as well.

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