My son has a fever of 104.7 should I wait to see if the tylenol will work or should I just take him to the ER?

You should certainly take him to the doctor at the earliest. High temperatures can be dangerous and especially in the case of children.

If your son has fever you can try to bring down the temperature by placing a cold compress on his forehead. Thin towels, dipped in cold water and placed on the forehead, bring down the temperature very effectively. You may need to change the water after short intervals, but you will succeed in bringing down the fever. You can also use the water to wipe the soles of your son's feet. This will also bring down the temperature.

You should give the child as much fluids as possible. Water is the best choice of course and you should increase his intake. However, drinking orange juice is beneficial too. If your son has a runny nose, you can help him get relief by getting him to inhale steam. Adding some eucalyptus oil to the water will help his nose clear. Allow your son to rest as much as possible. However, keep him well wrapped. Ensure that he gets plenty of fresh air and always keep his room well ventilated. Don't feed your son oily, spicy food. Instead give him healthy soups.

answered by G M

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