What supplements will help my mouth and gums heal after my teeth are pulled

Getting your teeth pulled is one of the most painful and excruciating things you can possibly suffer from. You are advised to look for an alternative procedure if you have not already gone through with it. However, if for some reason this is the only alternative left to you, then you would also be advised to use some pain killers. This is important because at least for the first 48 hours, you will need them to help you deal with the pain of this procedure. In some cases, people who get their teeth pulled out even need hospitalization due to the inability to deal with the pain. Once you are over the pain factor, you can concentrate on healing the open wounds left behind by the pulled teeth. One of the most effective ways to take care of any open wound is to apply a paste made with turmeric powder and rose water to it. This could be applied to the cavity or the open space left behind by the tooth and left there for some time. Turmeric powder has healing as well as anti septic properties that will be useful in healing the wound much faster than any other topical application or ingested medication.

You can also rinse your mouth out with a glass of warm water that has a drop of clove oil added to it. This will penetrate the wound and pain and will help to heal. When it comes to dental health methods, clove oil is possibly one of the best things around that help to take care of all sorts of minor as well as major matters. Once you begin to brush your teeth again, you should try and get your hands on toothpaste that contains clove oil. This would not only help with maintaining tooth health and preventing decay, but will also help to strengthen your teeth. Another really effective but probably highly underrated method that will help to heal the wounds is sleep. Sleeping helps the body to rejuvenate and helps to increase the production of healing elements. Whether you are dealing with a wound or even something as basic as fatigue and exhaustion, sleeping will be useful in helping the body to get back to form quickly. People generally tend to take it lightly, but a straight eight hours of sleep is probably the best kind of all purpose medication available to mankind!

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