I had some teeth pulled about a week ago and now my gums on the top hurts worse than they did before the teeth was pulled any suggestions what I can do?

Gum pain, toothache and tooth infection can be well treated with various home remedies. Below mentioned remedies and cures are some of the most beneficial remedies for gum pain:

  • Chamomile is the best remedy for gum pain. This can also be used to reduce swelling in the gums. You can take chamomile as tea or even prepare a mouth wash using this herb. Any form is useful for relieving gum pain.
  • Peppermint is another beneficial herb for relieving gum pain. It calms and soothes gums and ease pain. You can use peppermint in the form of tea or extract oil from peppermint and combine with water to form a mouth wash. You can even search for peppermint in your choice of toothpaste.
  • The medicinal benefits of Aloe Vera can never be ignored. This great herb is beneficial for gum pain and gum infections. Aloe Vera contains natural form of Vitamin E that is very soothing on gums and teeth. Smear Aloe Vera juice directly on the gums or buy over the counter Aloe Vera gel. Both forms are effective for gum problems.
  • Fresh apples are also beneficial for alleviating gum pain. Apples contain essential nutrients that are responsible for building healthy gums and teeth.

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