Injuries and Wounds

by Carol Gomes

Injuries and wounds are caused by accidents all throughout the day. Some of which are worth paying attention to or else most of the times small injuries and wounds are ignored. Injuries caused by accidents can give serious wounds which can take some time to heal. Some times wounds caused by accidents can be serious nature requiring immediate medical attention.

Most serious of all injuries are head and brain injuries. If very serious, these can be fatal; therefore, head injuries require being attended o immediately. All injuries regarding head should be studied with care. Traumatic head injuries can result into states like the coma. Comatose state can go on for years; this state has very less chances of recovery. Some types of head injuries can also lead to brain damage, which leads to disabilities of other body parts like paralysis, blindness, loss of hearing etc.

Another type of serious injury is spinal cord injuries. There are rare times when there is complete damage to the spinal column, unless there is very severe accident. Most of the injuries cause only damage to the spinal column, causing fracture of the vertebrae, sometime a more mild damage might result into displaced or disturbed vertebrae.

Damage to spinal cord might be complete or incomplete. In case of incomplete damage, there are signals still being transmitted from all parts of the body to brain, in case of complete damage, there are no signals being transmitted to the brain. Spinal cord injury can result into several complications. Recovery from spinal cord injuries is difficult. Recovery may take time; it can be months or years before the person can gain lost abilities.

Eye injuries can be sustained due to several reasons. It can be because of foreign object entering the eye and damaging the cornea. Sometimes these objects might be lodged in the outer part of the eye, causing damage to the eye. Injuries to the eye through foreign bodies can be intraocular or intraorbital. Intraocular damage means that there is damage to the cornea and intraorbital damage means there is damage only in the orbit of the eye and no damage to the cornea.

Eye injuries can happen through watching welding rays, the sun, etc. without adequate protection. Recovery from eye injury depends on the extent of damage to the eye. Small damage can be cured by taking adequate medication. Sometimes, a large scale of damage can damage the eye permanently.

Wounds and injuries should be treated immediately if these are to any of the delicate organs of the body. The earlier the treatment, there are greater chances of recovery.

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