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I having high body heat, my stomach burns a lot, my periods get early and my urine is very hot. I want to be pregnant but i think because of hight body temprature I have problem. Please suggest food that increases my chance to get pregnant?

If you intend to have a baby and want to get pregnant soon, then there are some things you should keep in mind. Remember that the body needs to provide an ideal environment for the fertilization of the sperm. When you decide to start trying to conceive, you will have to make several changes in your lifestyle. If you or your partner is frequently exposed to hazardous substances at the work place or in your neighboring environment, you should consider a change because this can hinder your progress. If you drink coffee then you will have to give that up since caffeine has been noted to adversely affect the natural growth of the fetus by constricting the blood vessels and decreasing the flow of blood to the uterus. Caffeine has also been linked to fertility problems. You should also give up alcohol or at least reduce it to 1 or 2 units in a week. While it is important to get a regular Vitamin supply during pregnancy you should avoid consuming too much Vitamin A since it can hinder your fetus’ growth. Fish such as tuna, shark and swordfish have high levels of mercury and thus can harm the development of the fetus’ nervous system. You should thus avoid eating these fish while you are trying to conceive and even later. On the other hand, you should concentrate on enriching your diet with sources of protein, omega 3 fatty acids and iron. You should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish such as sardines and mackerel, dairy foods such as milk, yoghurt and cheese. For iron, you should increase your intake of pulses, dried fruits, green vegetables, cereals and red meat. Increasing your intake of folic acid a few months before you start trying to conceive will increase your chances of conceiving.

The most fertile period is the five day before your menstrual cycle begins, so you should make the most of this period by making love as often as possible. Remember to lie still for five to ten minutes after you’ve made love and avoid running to the bathroom. This increases the chances of the sperm mating with the egg. You should also get both yourself and your partner checked for any fertility problems so that you can tackle them right at the outset. Finally, whenever you decide to start trying for a baby, remember to enjoy the process, by varying the environment and the positions in which you make love.

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