How to speed up healing of a black eye

Whether it is a college fight or a friendly boxing match, one of the possible after effects is a black eye. A black eye affects the asthetic features of the face and also cannot be hidden from people. Usually a contusion or a bruise can cause an injury to the tissues under the skin. This usually is a result of a sharp blow. When the skin doesn't break but the capillaries close to the skin rupture, blood drains into the tissues and seeps into the skin. This causes swelling, pain and black or blue discoloration of the skin. Some people get black and blue bruises pretty easily and without any signs of trauma. This condition arises due to lack of Vitamin C. Lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet can cause this. Without the essential vitamins and minerals, the blood vessel become weak and thin and can easily rupture at the slightest blow or injury. Some medicines, antibiotics and anti-depressants can interfere with the normal blood clotting process which can cause black marks to appear easily.

There are many simple home remedies which can heal a black eye. Use a bag of frozen vegetables to apply on the black eye. Wrap some ice in muslin and use it to soothe the eye. One can also make an ice pack at home. To make a home-made ice pack one needs water, alcohol and a nylon bag. Mix one part of alcohol with two parts of water. Pour it in the bag and freeze it. After freezing the bag will be flexible and thus can be used easily. The coldness of the ice can help disperse the congealed blood and thus reduce the blackish appearance of the eye. It can also help reduce the swelling around the eye.

Just as cold ice, hot water can also prove helpful. Use some cotton balls. Dip them in the water and bathe the affected area. One can also use a soft clean cloth. Dip it in the water and wring out the hot water on the eye and let it lay. Use cayenne pepper and some Vaseline. Mix a teaspoon of cayenne pepper with five teaspoons of Vaseline. Mix it well and apply it on the affected eye. Use this at least thrice a day. This will help in reducing the blackish blue color around the eye and will also reduce the swelling around the eye effectively. A few days of application of this mixture can help heal the black eye completely.

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