I would like to know what is the best way to get ride of a black eye? To make to dark purple colors go away.

A bruise in and around the eye is referred to as black eye. Bleeding under the eye is also the cause. Sleeping with two pillows is beneficial. Alternate warm and cold compress helps.

answered by r k

The eye area is very vascular and as you know bruises occur when there is bleeding under the skin - to speed up the clearing of bruises you need to speed up the circulation in the area, so that the excess bleeding is rapidly reabsorbed - you can do this by applying hot and then cold compresses, neither being in contact with the area for very long, you can apply little ice packs by freezing water tied inside a finger cut from a rubber glove, you can apply Witch Hazel tincture and Arnica ointment. Homeopathic Arnica will also help dissipate any bruises. The dark purple colours should fade naturally in 3 - 4 days.

answered by J R M

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