My son is of 11 months and he is having vomiting problem from birth please tell me how it can be cured naturally

While vomiting is common in infants, the frequency of vomiting would determine how unusual it is. Babies are constantly spitting up and a lot of the times they find it difficult to keep their milk down. However, if the vomiting is unusual in any way, the chances for curing the same would depend on identifying what it is that is wrong with the infant. One has to understand that the occasional nausea is okay, even when accompanied by vomiting. At the same time there has to be something which has triggered the vomiting, such as a case of food that has been spoiled. Since an infant’s diet consists largely of milk in addition to water, it would be important to find out why exactly he has been vomiting.

When it comes to natural remedies for vomiting, most of them focus on fighting the nausea and dealing with the original problem. Thus you might have lemon juice which is recommended to keep the person from feeling those waves of nausea while dietary changes would ensure that the person’s stomach stays light.  However, as you can tell, treating a case of vomiting would be very different when the patient is just eleven months old. The usual set of natural remedies which might be safe on someone older would be pointless in a child so young. However, one of the most important things you can do for the child would be to ensure that the vomiting does not lead to a greater problem by keeping him hydrated. There is a very real and immediate danger of dehydration which can occur if the infant keeps vomiting or even if he suffers from diarrhea. Talk to your doctor about the specific amounts of plain water that would be acceptable and about the use of electrolytes. Depending on the kind of water filter found in your kitchen, you might want to make sure that the infant has pure water by boiling the same even after it comes through the filter. It goes without saying that the bottle used by the little one would also need to be subject to proper sterilization. The electrolytes and water would have to be given to the little one with the help of a teaspoon. It is important that the pediatrician be consulted when the vomiting is unusual, such as projectile vomiting or a prolonged duration of vomiting. Keep an eye out for signs whether your son has suffered from dehydrations, such as dry mouth or infrequent urination.

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