My daughter is 2yrs She started vomiting and can't keep anything down.I tried giving her anti nausea over the counter medicine but she just throws it up. What should i giver her?

First of all stop giving any food to your daughter for the time being. Give spoonfuls of oral rehydration fluids available at drugstores throughout the day. These fluids contain salt, sugar and essential nutrients which your daughter is losing due to the loss of water and fluids from her body though vomiting. You can offer her juices if she does not have diarrhea (but in small quantities) and ice pops, ice chips, or other clear liquids to prevent dehydration. If she does not vomit after having these liquids, then ask her if she wants to have dry toast or crackers. Avoid milk and milk products for the time being. If she can tolerate these foods then give her mashed potato, watered rice, coconut water, cooked and diluted pulses, yoghurt or mashed banana. You can make her lick a spoonful of honey during the day.

Assure her and be with her all the time. Let her get adequate rest and do not force to eat. If she still vomits continuously, then please consult your physician immediately as their might be some underlying cause for her continuous vomiting.

answered by D D

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