Advice for bad breath (my daughter is 3 years old)

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a common condition. In small children, halitosis is especially common due to bad oral hygiene and poor brushing habits. If your child does not brush twice a day and consumes a lot of sweets and other finger foods, it is possible that your child may suffer from a bad case of halitosis. Thus cures for bad breath in children become all the more important.

Bad breath is a common problem faced by most people all around the world. The condition would not result in anything dangerous physically, but can cause a lot of concern and emotional disturbance to the one suffering. Methods on how to stop bad breath from the mouth as also how to stop bad breath naturally are sought after by many as the condition could be debilitating to the person suffering.

Besides seeking cures for the condition, one should also know the causes of the condition. Apart from unhealthy lifestyle habits, poor food choices can also cause halitosis. Bad breath home remedies would usually require you to improve overall dental hygiene as well as your diet. All the foods that you consume are absorbed into the blood. This blood is also carried off to your lungs and passes off the odor to your mouth. Your breath may smell very bad if you do not consume healthy foods.

There are a variety of bad breath cures recommended by various doctors and natural therapists. Maintaining a proper brushing and flossing routine is ideal for improving your breath odor. Since causes of bad breath in children are usually related to bad oral hygiene, you should prompt your child to brush his/her teeth twice every day. Use a minty taste to enhance your child’s brushing experience.

For most children, having a sweet and minty flavored toothpaste is the first step to adopting brushing of teeth as an everyday activity. Mouthwash can temporarily cover up the bad odor coming off your child’s mouth. If you are wondering how to stop bad breath permanently, you should plan a session with your dentist. Your dentist will be able to see if there is any physical problem in your child’s mouth.

Abscesses in the mouth, cracked or chipped teeth, and cavities can often cause bad breath as well. If your child has healthy oral hygiene, but there is a dental problem, the halitosis can eventually worsen. If the doctor does not find anything wrong with your child’s teeth and gums, and if your child maintains a regular brushing routine, the problem may lie in your child’s diet. The cures for bad breath in such a case would be focused on changing the diet of the child. Ensure that your child has a healthy diet and reduce the amount of candies and other junk foods they consume every day. Avoid caffeine and soda unless these foods are consumed only in small quantities.

Avoid giving your child foods with very strong odors. Foods like onions and garlic, which have a strong odor and leave an after taste in your mouth, should be completely avoided. If your child is not brushing properly every day, particles of these odor producing foods may be left stuck in the mouth. As the food decays, it passes off a putrid smell, which causes bad breath. Try and avoid bacterial growth around the gums and between teeth by washing your mouth after each meal.

Ask your child to rinse their mouth with warm water and salt after every meal. This helps kill off bacteria that may cause decay in your teeth. Get your child tested for dry mouth syndrome. Also, encourage your child to drink lots of water throughout the day. People who drink lots of water during the day usually have less complain of bad breath as the bacteria in the mouth keeps getting washed away with each drink of water.

Bad breath home remedies and prevention are generally closely associated with each other. Most bad breath remedies for kids include improving oral hygiene and improving diet. Bad breath remedies, when natural, take longer to show results, but are good as long-term cures. If you are wondering how to stop bad breath in the morning, brushing in the night and using a mouthwash can help prevent morning breath.

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Halitosis (bad breath) in children can be due to many causes like dehydration, excess sugar intake, inadequate oral hygiene or some underlining cause.

You can try natural remedies for your daughter listed below, as they have lesser side effects.

  • Maintain appropriate oral hygiene regular brushing and flossing the teeth and cleaning the tongue.
  • Increase the fluid consumption (sugar free fluids) to avoid mouth dryness.
  • Chewing sugar free gums will also promote saliva production and will help in halitosis. Consult a dentist for any dental or gum problems, as these can also cause halitosis.

answered by S P

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