What is the effective remedy for preventing bad breath when sitting in lecture?

You can adopt various remedies for preventing bad breath at all time. There is an old adage. What you eat, is what your mouth smells like. You need to consider this to be totally true and act accordingly. So the first thing you need to do to ensure that you do not suffer from bad breath when you are sitting in a lecture or anything else is that you should avoid eating foods that have a string odor. This would include things such as garlic, onions and so on. If you are going to be sitting in a lecture, this would probably mean that you would not be talki8ng too much. This is also a cause of bad breath. If you keep your mouth close, the air circulating inside your closed mouth tends to become stale and this result in bad breath. The best thing you can do for this problem is to keep sipping from a bottle of water. For every hour, make it a point to drink about half a liter of water. This will make sure that you do not have bad breath when your mouth is closed for such long durations of time. You can also make it a point to chew gum. But make sure that the gum you choose is of the sugar free variety. This will help with keeping your breath clean and fresh at all times.

You should also make it a point to brush your teeth after meals. This will help you to maintain clean and fresh smelling breath at all times. It is inadvisable to go for mouthwashes, as these are generally short terms. Also, a lot of mouthwashes contain sugar and should be avoided for this very reason. Sugar can not only stick to your teeth and cause general decay, it also causes bad breath. In fact, you should totally avoid any and all products that contain sugar. This would also include things such as colas, sweets, chocolates and so on. You should also make sure you get a dental appointment and rule out any problem. Sometimes, there are problems such as tartar build up, excessive plaque and some kinds of invisible and unnoticed gum disease that can actually end up giving you bad breath. You would never be able to figure these out on your own, let alone trying to take care of them by yourself. A diagnosis will be accurate in telling you what to do.

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