My husband and I try to walk 2 miles before dinner two or three times a week during good weather. My feet burn at the ball of the foot and my toes cramp. I am 58 years old and about 10-15 pounds over weight. Thank you.

Foot and toe cramps are usually a result of wearing ill-fitting shoes while they also could be caused by calcium deficiency. It is therefore necessary that your intake of calcium laden food such as dairy foods and fish such as sardines and salmon is high. Many people have found that homeopathic remedies have helped. You could also try reflexology and acupressure. Foot and toe cramps generally do not signify any health concern that might be major. Exercising regularly and consuming a diet that is rich in calcium and potassium can do the trick. If all these tips and remedies do not work it is best you get in touch with your doctor.

Another common complaint that many people have is burning feet and toes and this could be caused by various reasons. Some of these reasons could be minor, whereas some are of a serious nature. The problem of burning feet and toes is that it could give people sleepless nights and can cause them a lot of pain. This problem is more common in people over 50 years, however this problem could occur in younger people as well. Some of the causes that lead to burning feet and toes include:

  • If you stand on your feet all day or are overweight your feet may ache and burn.
  • If you have feet that are hot and sweaty it might cause a burning sensation in your feet.
  • The nerve damage that occurs during diabetes could cause burning feet.
  • A rare circulatory disorder known as Erythromelalgia can also lead to burning feet.
  • Sensitivity to certain chemical substances in your shoes and socks are also responsible for burning feet.

The main thing that you need to do to take care of your foot and toe cramps and burning feet problem is to get it checked. Once you determine that it is not caused by some rare serious problem you could do a number of things to take care of cramps in your feet and toes. Here are some burning feet remedies:

  • Wear shoes that fit well and provide the right support.
  • If your feet are usually hot and sweaty try some creams and ointments with cooling properties.
  • Wear cotton socks instead of synthetic ones.
  • Bathe your feet in cool water.
  • Avoid standing for prolonged periods.
  • Wear insoles that are shock absorbing that will make standing more comfortable.

Magnetic therapy provides some relief in case of burning feet and toes.

answered by G R

  • In a bottle add 200g mustard oil and 10g camphor. Keep in sun till the camphor gets dissolved. Massage this oil on the affected region in natural direction of the muscles to get relief from cramps.
  • For instant relief form the cramps you can wrap ice in a towel and apply on the affected area.
  • Drink sufficient water and eat bananas.
  • Wear comfortable footwear while walking.
  • Shed the extra pounds with a combination of diet and exercise, to reduce extra pressure on your toes.

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