what are all the uses of apple cider vinegar as a home health remedy?

Apple cider vinegar is basically vinegar made from the fermented juice of apples. Apple cider vinegar has various uses when it comes to home remedies. However, apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature and should not be consumed directly. When consumed directly apple cider vinegar may cause chemical burns in ones throat. It may also cause acidity and other related problems. The most preferred form of consuming apple cider vinegar is to dilute it with another juice or by mixing it in water. Apple cider vinegar is also used as a condiment or seasoning agent in various cuisines around the world. Apple cider vinegar is very renowned for its beauty enhancing properties, and is most widely used for this purpose. Apple cider vinegar is used in many home remedy treatment procedures.

Apple cider vinegar possesses bacteria fighting properties, as it contains various trace elements and vital minerals. Iron, magnesium, calcium, chlorine, potassium, phosphorus and sulfur are some of the minerals present in apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is believed to be an effective natural cure for a number of ailments; however, there is no well founded research to back this up. Apple cider vinegar when diluted in water or orange juice can:

  • Cure sore throats and bring relief from sinus congestions. Apple cider vinegar contains a healthy amount of potassium that can help in curing throat congestions. The anti bacterial properties of apple cider vinegar also help in boosting an individual’s immune system.
  • Apple cinder vinegar can help treat acne and pimples effectively. It can also help in reducing scars and other skin blemishes. Mix apple cinder vinegar with honey or aloe vera juice and dab it onto the affected areas of your skin. Wash your face with water after 15 minutes of application for effective results.
  • Apple cider vinegar is also very useful when it comes to treating infections like Toe nail Fungus, ringworms and other related skin infections. Applying apple cider vinegar on these infections provides effective relief from the irritation and pain caused by these conditions.
  • Since apple cider vinegar is made from apple juice, it is also effective when it comes to treating constipation. Add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water to reap the benefits of this remedy. You may add a teaspoon of honey to this mixture, as honey is good in simulating the body’s metabolic system.

In addition to these conditions, apple cider vinegar is also effective in treating food poisoning, high cholesterol, various allergies, muscle fatigue, gout and arthritis.

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