Does apple cider vinegar clean out your arteries, and does red wine benefit in function of the heart also.

Apple cider vinegar has long been accepted as a remedy for a wide range of ailments. Apple cider vinegar is beneficial in curing allergies, helps fight fatigue, helps you get rid of acne and even get that chronic sinus infection out of your system. Drinking apple cider vinegar helps to break down fat in the body and for this reason is also used by people trying to lose weight. high blood pressure can be controlled by long term use of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar helps in cleaning out the system and as a result a person who drinks this regularly develops a good complexion that reflects his good health.

However, on a cautious note, I should also add that although apple cider vinegar has been quoted as a wonder drink to cure a variety of ailments, most of these claims are not backed by any scientific research. Although taking small amounts of apple cider vinegar on a regular basis seems harmless enough, long term consumption could have some adverse effects on your body and health. For this reason it is better to check with your doctor before you begin drinking apple cider vinegar every day.It has long been accepted that drinking a small quantity of red wine regularly can reduce the chances of a heart attack. Red wine contains antioxidants which prevent the formation of blood clots. Drinking red wine also helps to increase HDL and lowers the LDL. However, in several cases drinking has led to various diseases so you should consult your doctor before you begin drinking wine regularly.

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