How can I have smooth legs and bottom?

If you want to wear those shorts, microminis and bikinis this summer without feeling too self-conscious, then you are going to have to put in some effort to give your legs that smooth and shiny look. This will give you oodles of confidence to carry off the shortest of skirts.

Here are some tips that will give your legs that smooth buttery look:

  • You have to first work towards softening your skin. Wash your legs with a gentle exfoliating scrub using a brisk circular motion. Choose one that has hydrating oils so as to prevent your skin from taking on that dry scaly appearance. You will need to put in extra effort around your knees and ankles to smooth out those rough patches.
  • Apply a body firming lotion to your legs and buttocks to help tighten your skin.
  • If you prefer to shave your legs use a razor with four blades. This is important as it gives you a closer cut, preventing the need to go back and forth with the razor. The best way to use a razor is in a steamy shower. Wait until the end of the shower. The exposure to steam will help soften the hair, making its removal much easier. Use a shaving cream with a lubricant for a better effect.
  • Many women consider waxing to be a better alternative to shaving since it uproots the hair follicles, giving you that bare look for much longer. Use waxing strips on small areas of your skin.
  • There are several methods to treat ingrown hair. A popular home remedy is to massage them with a cotton swab soaked in glycolic acid and salicylic acid face cleanser. This will help to remove the top layer of skin and allow the hair to pass through.
  • If you suffer from dry skin, use a moisturizer regularly. There is nothing quite so unsightly than exposed skin that is dry and flaky. One popular home-made moisturizer is to rub milk fat over your skin to give it that glossy look.
  • If your skin is very pale, use a self-tanning cream. You should be able to see the results after about 4 to 5 days. Follow the instructions on the packaging for an even look.
  • While there is not much that can be done about cellulite, many beauticians swear by lotions that contain caffeine.
  • Don’t forget the toes. A pedicure and some bright nail polish will complete the “leggy” look.

answered by M W

Yes skin can be made smooth. Since you have not given any details of problem, giving any recommendation is impossible. Nature is full of skin tonics, conditioners and cleansers. Even mud acts as refresher!

answered by S B

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