What can be used to stop weeping from blisters on the legs?

Firstly, how did the blisters develop to begin with? Blisters usually develop as a result of chemical or fire burns, or due to irritation of the skin by constant rubbing against clothing or other surfaces. If your blisters have just appeared out of nowhere and none of the causes mentioned seem likely, you should visit a doctor, as they could be a symptom of some serious disease or disorder.

In most cases however, when blisters appear due to normal causes such as burns or friction, no real treatment is necessary. The blister itself is the body's way of repairing the injury to the skin. Blisters contain a collection of lymph and other body fluids, so if a blister bursts or is punctured, it is natural for the fluid inside it to start oozing out, which is probably what you are experiencing. This is quite common with blisters that are caused by friction. Often the source of the friction is not removed — the blister forms, and the friction continues, causing the blister to burst. Try to avoid any pressure or friction on the blister. In addition, broken blisters should be cleaned, disinfected, and then bandaged. If your blisters ooze continuously and show no signs of healing, you should visit a doctor.

answered by G M

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