what can you do for swelling of the feet and legs?

Sweating legs natural treatment

One herbal remedy that you can use for swollen legs is the horse chestnut tree extract or Aesculus hippocastanum. This herb works to reduce the swelling by strengthening the capillaries in your body. You can also try juniper berries that help to improve the kidney activity which in turn increases water elimination from the body.

To improve your leg circulation, you can also follow some general rules: Perform some exercises such as walking to strengthen your calf muscles; when resting or lying down, elevate your legs or put them up against the wall; try not to sit or stand at one place for long durations; try not to wear clothes that might fit tightly around the abdomen or the thighs region; wear flat, comfortable shoes with minimum heels, and preferably wear support stocks or stockings at night to keep your feet warm. You can also try acupressure or yoga exercises to prevent the swelling.

You should eat a lot of fruits and raw vegetables as it helps reduce water retention. Include whole grains and nutritional yeast in your diet, because they are good sources of B vitamins which help in reducing water retention. Avoid eating white-flour and high-sugar products because these products have refined carbohydrates that do not help in retaining B vitamins in your body. The most important piece of advice would be to eat a high-fiber, low-protein, and low-sodium diet. 

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