Is drinking a lot of water beneficial during pregnancy?

Drinking a lot of water keeps our body hydrated, and helps in keeping most ailments at bay. In addition, water is especially beneficial when our body goes through changes, such as those that occur during pregnancy. Consuming lots of water during pregnancy prepares the body for physiological changes and alleviates many of the side effects of pregnancy. Water also makes the baby grow normal and healthy, as it acts as the transportation system that carries nutrients to the fetus through the blood. Other than that, water also prevents bladder problems, constipation, and piles, which are quite common during pregnancy. It helps flush the system out and dilutes urine, thereby preventing urinary tract infections. Also, drinking lots of water expels unnecessary sodium from the system.

The most important role that adequate intake of water plays is preventing dehydration, which can lead to some very serious problems like contractions. Insufficient intake of water can also lead to premature labor in the third trimester. In some cases, women have averted premature labor by increasing the intake of water. Also, amniotic fluid uses about a cup of water every hour to replenish itself. That cup of water needs to be constantly replaced to keep the fetus protected in the womb. Adequate intake of water is also important in the eight month, when the volume of blood doubles. Thicker blood can cause many cardiovascular problems, and can also cause hypertension. Therefore drinking lots of water will ensure the blood doesn't thicken to too great an extent. Other than these serious health issues, a pregnant woman can be assured of healthier and acne-free skin if she drinks enough water.

A pregnant woman also needs to get some light exercises, which will naturally make her perspire and lose fluid. To make up for the loss, drinking more water is prescribed. In addition, water also helps prevent nausea and morning sickness to some extent. She needs to steer clear of caffeine and alcohol, and plain water can be a healthy substitute for these beverages. It is said that a pregnant woman must ensure that she drinks at least 64 ounces of water a day. This is of course a general recommendation, and should only be used as a guideline, not a rule. The actual requirements are bound to vary from one individual to the next, and will also depend on external factors such as temperature and humidity. Do not drink large amounts of water at one time, instead keep a bottle of water with you and sip on it throughout your day.

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