My husband does not have a lot of teeth and cannot chew his food well, and a piece of chicken is stuck in his throat. We tried him drinking water, bread, and throwing up but it is still there. Do you have any help to offer?

Nowadays on account of one's busy lifestyle or because of the habit of watching television while eating many people are distracted or in hurry while they are eating their food and hence do not take time to savour their food or eat it slowly by chewing the food well. As a result of which, sometimes the food may slip into ones throat before they have finished chewing the food completely and this food may get stuck in the throat and this food may remain stuck in the throat for days together. This problem is commonly observed with certain food items such as potato chips or even while eating chicken.

If the food is stuck in the throat in such a manner that it is not resulting in choking or affecting ones breathing then there are some natural remedies to get rid of this blockage. In order to know what to do when food is stuck in the throat one should bear in mind that in most cases food tends to dissolve on its own over a period of time and if the piece of food that is stuck in the throat is not really causing too much of discomfort then it should be allowed to get dissolved naturally with the saliva that is present in the mouth and the throat. However if one still has the feeling of something stuck in the throat for days or something stuck in the throat while swallowing then a natural remedy in this case would be to consume plenty of water. Water will help push the food particle or will aid the process of dissolving the food particle.

Another remedy for food stuck in throat is to drink some hot tea or some warm water which will help dissolve the stuck piece of food faster. It is recommended to drink warm water rather than tea because water is not saturated. While trying this remedy to get rid of food stuck in ones throat one should ensure that the water is not too hot as it may burn the sensitive skin inside the throat. If one has something stuck in their throat after eating then they may also gargle with some warm salt water solution. However should remember that gargling with salt water may induce vomiting especially if they are on a full stomach. This is because the action of gargling tends to induce the reflux of the fluid through the throat. Many a times women who suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy may also get the feeling of something stuck in their throat after vomiting. This problem may be handled naturally by ingesting large chunks of soft food such as a slice of bread. While using this remedy, one should remember to chew the piece of bread completely so that it is well moistened and softened by the saliva and then rapidly swallow the chewed piece of bread. This home remedy will be helpful in dislodging the food or something that is stuck in the throat pockets and push it down.

Alternatively, if the piece of food that is stuck is too large then one may require to spit it out rather than to push it further down the throat. In order to avoid any infection or bad breath being caused by something stuck in ones throat or chest for a few days, one may gargle their throat with some warm water to which some hydrogen peroxide, a tablespoon of honey or some apple cider vinegar has been added as they are known to be excellent natural germ killer thereby ensuring that the throat does not get hurt further because of an infection. Sometimes people may also constantly have a feeling of something stuck in their throat resulting in stress which is a medical condition known as Esophageal dysphagia. There are many causes for this medical condition one of which is aging. As the person ages the esophagus tends to lose some of its muscle strength that is required to push the food down while swallowing resulting in the feeling of something getting stuck in the throat and chest. Some of the commonly observed symptoms when something is stuck in the throat are not being able to swallow, pain while swallowing, hoarseness, regurgitation or bringing the food back up, drooling, constant sensation of food getting stuck in the chest or throat or the sternum, unexpected weight loss, frequent heartburn, gagging or coughing when attempting to swallow the food and so on.

If the food stuck in the throat is affecting the ability to breathe then one should immediately call for a doctor. Similarly if one has a constant problem with food getting stuck in the throat while swallowing then they should also check with the doctor as it may be a sign of esopghageal cancer especially if it is accompanied with other symptoms such as regurgitation, weight loss and even vomiting. Another home remedy for something stuck in the throat after eating is to break an egg into a teacup and then swallow it whole. This home remedy is known to remove even the most stubborn of obstructions in the throat. If the obstruction in the throat is because of a chicken piece or a chicken bone stuck in the throat then one may gargle with some vinegar because vinegar is known to soften the bone slowly. This bone may then be removed completely by forcefully swallowing some bread or rice. While trying this home remedy one needs to be patient because although the action of the vinegar tends to take some time, the chicken bone will surely soften eventually. Alternatively if the food stuck in the throat is a fish bone then one can also try and swallow a lump of boiled rice which is known to adhere and stick to the fish bone. This added weight on the fish bone helps to eventually dislodge it from the throat and pushes it into the stomach where it will get digested eventually. Another remedy for something stuck in the throat is the Heimlich Maneuver.

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Very often we find that a delicious meal is ruined simply because you get something stuck in your throat. Having something stuck in your throat can not only be uncomfortable and sometimes painful, if can also be dangerous. You should do your best to dislodge the bone. Seeking a doctor's help in case you are unsuccessful with your own attempts is a good idea.

When you have something stuck in your throat you should first try to swallow hard. If swallowing hard does not work then you can try sipping water. Another remedy you can try is eating a lump of boiled rice. This will weigh down the piece of chicken and make it easier for you to swallow. Gargling with vinegar is another easy remedy that you can try. It is believed that the vinegar helps the morsel of food that is stuck in your throat to disintegrate and become smaller. An herb named root of clematis is also used to dislodge such food particles. You can boil this herb and then mix it with some vinegar and a table spoon of brown sugar. This decoction must be sipped. This will give your throat relief and also help to dislodge the piece of chicken in your throat.

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