What kind of natural remedies can I use for gas?

Gas problems are extremely common and suffered by people all over the world. Gas problems can cause painful and discomforting symptoms, but the embarrassment of some of the symptoms makes people dread gas problems. Gas problems are largely the cause dietary anomalies or because of disorders of certain digestive organs. The most distinctive symptoms or problems that occur because of gas accumulation include belching, bloating and flatulence. Bloating is quite common and is largely caused due to over eating and problems of acidity also usually turn into bloating.

Gas in the digestive tract is in most cases a minor problem that resolves naturally or is simply a cause of great discomfort. But it poses no serious threat. If the problem is persistent however, it would be prudent to consult your doctor for medical treatment and diagnosis, in case some underlying condition is causing the problem. In almost all other instances however, gas and gas related problems can be quite effectively treated using simple traditional natural remedies.

  • The easiest and most efficient remedy for gas accumulation would have to be the consumption of a glass of chilled milk, sipping on it slowly, allowing it to slowly neutralize stomach acids and soothe the stomach.
  • If you do have access to mint leaves, you could use them as a very effective remedy against gas and similar gastric conditions. Just chew on a handful of the leaves to get some quick relief.
  • Asafetida, an important cooking ingredient in some pats of the world, is an extremely effective remedy against gas and bloating. You can simply add a pinch of asafetida to your meals to control the problem.

In addition to the above mentioned natural remedies, it would also help to make some dietary modifications.

  • The formation of gas in the digestive tract is more pronounced and problematic when there is a high intake of spicy foods and fatty acids. It would therefore be wise to restrict your intake of such foods.
  • Overeating is another major cause of gas build up so try eating smaller meals, and eat slowly. Try and eat four to five smaller meals instead of the typical two large meals. This will put less pressure on your digestive system.
  • Irregularity with your meal timings and changing patters can also cause significant problems with gas and related symptoms. Make sure you follow a disciplined and regular schedule or routine with regard to your meal timings and sleep.

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