I Have Very Bad Gas After Eating Dinner. I Do Not Have Stomach Pain, Just Noisy Gas. Please Help.

People who are plagued with the problem of very bad gas after dinner are generally those who tend to suffer from the problem of a sedentary lifestyle. You need to understand how this works. If a person spends the whole day sitting down and generally not moving around much, then all the gases that are released during the course of the day will accumulate in your intestines. When you eat in the evenings, it is usually after a gap of a decent amount of time. Once food gets into your intestines, which typically happens after you have had dinner, then it begins to start pushing the accumulated air down towards your rectum. This is the basic cause of bad gas at night. And of course, as you mentioned, it will be completely indifferent to what you have eaten. The way to approach your problem would be two fold. One is to tackle your diet and the other is to tackle your lifestyle. To begin with, you should start cutting out gas causing foods from your diet. These would primarily include all beans and pulses. It may not show an instant and immediate difference, but you will notice the difference and change over a period of time anyway. You should all start including a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables that do not contain preservatives in your diet. This will also help to fight gas.

The next thing you need to do is take steps to change your sedentary lifestyle around a bit. This would mean that you need to basically start getting up and walking around after each meal. No matter how difficult you find it, you should try to get up and take a short stroll after lunch, and try to take it outdoors. This way, you will be able to easily release a lot of gas in the afternoon itself without even realizing that you are doing it. We are not aware of releasing gas constantly because beyond a point it becomes an involuntary exercise. Of course, when this happens, it is not a loud and noisy and smelly experience either! Before bedtime, if you can, take a glass of still fizzy club soda to which half teaspoon of rock salt and a few drops of lime juice have been added. Not only is this an excellent digestive, it will also ensure that you release gas in your sleep and in the morning.

answered by G R

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