How to remove a sliver of glass from a finger?

Getting splinters of wood, thorns, or slivers of glass are quite common, especially in children. Even in adults, there are some jobs that necessitate working with wood or glass, and getting splinters is almost a daily occurrence.

The simplest and easiest method is to use a pair of tweezers and pull it out. Even if the open end does not have a bit of the glass sticking out, you can use a pin to open out the skin a little and expose the glass stuck in finger. Another way is for you to use the back of the pin or needle to push the skin at the opposite end. This will push the sliver out to a sufficient extent so that you can get a grip with a pair of tweezers to pull it out. Pulling out the sliver is by far the best method because the whole sliver comes out, leaving nothing behind. Other methods are not as good because there is always the chance that the glass might break, leaving behind small pieces inside your flesh.

Sometimes, however, it is not quite so easy to remove sliver. This is because either the glass is too small, or although you can feel it, you cannot see it. One of the simplest things to do here is to use some food dye on the area. The dye will color the whole hand, but not affect the glass splinter. This makes the splinter much more visible and makes removing splinter from finger easier.

People also advocate a number of options such as making a paste out of flour or baking soda, applying it to the finger and letting it dry. Once dry, it is supposed to stick to the splinter, drawing it out when you remove it. Many of these methods, however, are nothing more than old wives tales, and there is not any information to show that they are better than pulling out the splinter with tweezers.

Most doctors recommend that you soak the affected finger in antiseptic solution, and put a band aid on it to prevent the splinter from moving any deeper. Hopefully, the splinter will come out within a couple of days by itself. If you do decide to remove the splinter, always wash your hands and use clean disinfected tweezers and pins. In case of increased pain, swelling, or infection, visit a doctor.



answered by G M

- Put your finger in warm water for a while. This will help the skin to soften. Press the sides of the finger skin carefully, where the sliver of glass is stuck. This will put pressure on the center and allow the glass to come out a bit. Then pluck it with the help of a tweezer.

- Hard dough made form wheat flour or moist chewing gum when used will also help the glass come out of your finger.

Carefully remove the glass as even if a small piece is left inside the finger it will be difficult to remove, causing lot of pain and irritation.

answered by S P

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