after working on the lawn while applying pressure to a specific finger, I noticed numbness on the finger even after 1 week. It bothers me, help!

Natural Remedies for Numb Finger

Numbness or inability of sensation is a common symptom associated with many problems. In your case, it might be the applied pressure, resulting in nerve injury. Neuropathy, due to diabetes also causes numbness. Are you a diabetic? The pressure might have given rise to carpal tunnel syndrome. Inflammation or aggravation of the ligament and bones in the wrist results in enlargement.

Typical symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are weakness of the hands, numbness, burning and tingling sensation, dropping things, difficulty to hold things and difficulty in folding the fist. It generally affects the middle finger, thumb and index finger. Exercise regularly. Proper circulation keeps the system in good condition.

General care is essential, as numbness increases the risk of getting injured. Pressure on the nerve of the wrist might increase due to excess weight. Keep a check on body weight. Proper sleeping posture is important, as the pressure on your fingers might aggravate, because of improper posture. Avoid the usage of vibrating tools. Place your wrist and finger in a comfortable position. Abstain from continuous usage of the hand or the affected finger. Visit your physician for further guidance.

answered by Dr C

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