Home cures for acne on cheeks

A clear face without acne can be a point of concern among teenagers and adults. Acne is caused by various reasons such as genetics, hormonal imbalance, diet, skin conditions, stress, weather conditions, intake of medications and use of cosmetics. Natural acne treatment and solutions employing home remedies are best suitable to minimize the impact of the factors causing acne. Also, natural remedies or home remedies use natural ingredients for the face acne treatment, minimizing the possibility of any other side effect.

Face acne treatment has various options ranging from home remedies, diet to cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Choosing an option best suitable for effective face acne treatment for your skin type could be a difficult exercise. Natural acne treatment and acne solutions include various options such as homemade face masks, scrubs, pastes and juices that work well for all skin types. Acne solutions using home remedies are best suitable for mild to moderate conditions. Lack of favorable results or persisting acne requires medical intervention.

How to treat acne at home and how to treat acne cysts are common questions faced by most youngsters today. Natural acne treatment at home is no more a hidden secret as global secrets are now available at the click of a button. Some popular ways to treat acne and acne cysts at home are: applying lime juice on acne, applying a mixture of lime juice and rosewater and applying tomato juice on acne. Rubbing a clove of garlic on acne is also known to minimize the acne eruption.
Homemade face masks for acne and dry skin: A wide variety of homemade face masks for acne can soothe acne prone skin. Dried and powdered orange peel mixed with honey is an ideal face mask to cleanse, scrub and moisturize the skin. Powdered oatmeal mixed with yoghurt is also an ideal way to treat acne and dry skin.

Homemade face masks for acne scars: Cucumber facials or cucumber masks are the ideal treatment to soothe acne prone or acne affected skin. Apply fresh cucumber juice liberally till it dries on the skin and rinse the skin using cold water. A mixture of papaya and pineapple juice is also known to treat acne scars effectively. The mixed juice concoction is massaged on the skin, left to dry and rinsed with lukewarm water for best results.

Natural acne treatment diet: Diet holds a lot of importance in controlling an acne breakout. Acne can be prevented by a healthy diet and moderate physical activity. Most important among diet guidelines is the intake of water. Water flushes out toxins, keeps the bowels clean and results in glowing skin. Increase your intake of water and ensure water intake is at least six glasses every day. Include fresh vegetable, fruits, nuts, seeds and plenty of whole grains. Certain diet restrictions must also be maintained to derive a healthy skin. Monitor excessive intake of sugars, sweets, carbonated beverages, oily and fatty foods, refined foods and processed foods. Smoking and caffeine intake must also be limited to reduce the chances of having acne. Moderate physical activity or a thirty minute health routine such as walking, swimming or jogging also aids skin health.

Natural acne treatment during pregnancy: Acne during pregnancy is mainly caused due to hormonal fluctuations and diet. Intake of wrong foods such as increased intake of oils, red meat, sweets and pastries can impact the skin condition. A healthy way to correct diet impact on skin is to drink lots of water, make healthy diet choices and choose a form of mild exercise such as walking. Using home remedies is the best way to treat acne scars during pregnancy as compared to Over The Counter medications. Use traditional home remedies such as lime juice, tomato juice, egg whites or fuller's earth to treat acne effectively. Homemade masks made of oatmeal, powdered almonds, yoghurt and honey can also be effective.

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Drink lots of water, sleep well and avoid oily food.

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Acne is caused for a number of reasons mainly hormonal changes.

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