Skin Care in Kids

by Shaun Damon

Acne and other skin blemishes usually start developing around the time of puberty which occurs between ages ten to thirteen. Sometimes early signs of acne can even appear at the age of eight. Tiny blackheads and papules begin to develop in the area of the nose, which tends to be oilier that other parts of the skin. These can then develop into pimples and acne and spread to the cheeks, chin and forehead. Early detection and treatment will help to prevent the spread of acne. Children can begin cleansing the face at around the age of nine, using a mild facial cleanser that is low in chemical content and gentle on the skin. The skin is still quite delicate at this stage and can get easily irritated due to harsh products. This will help to unclog the pores and clear away any dirt and oil build-up in them. Boys especially need to cleanse their faces regularly as they are more prone to developing severe acne that can persist for long periods of time.

In addition to practicing a skin cleansing regimen, children must also be taught not to squeeze or pick at pimples as this can cause the infection to spread and also leave behind scars. It can also cause the infected debris to get pushed further inside the pores and skin, thereby aggravating the lesions. Children must be taught that it is important to stop touching the face with the hands constantly as this can spread dirt and bacteria to the face. The hair must also be kept out of the face, as often dirt, oil and dandruff from the hair can come in contact with the face and cause irritation. Over washing the face is also not a good idea as this strips away the natural oil from the skin. As a result the oil glands begin to produce more oil to make up for the loss.

There are many natural remedies that can be used to cleanse the face. These are ideal for children as they are mild on the skin and do not have any side effects. They can be prepared and given to the child for use. Cucumber juice can be applied to the face as an effective cleansing treatment. A pack of mashed strawberries can also be applied on the face to clean the pores. A mixture of lemon juice and rose water is another simple and effective way to clean the face. Puberty is a time for many hormonal changes in the body, and it is very natural for the child to experience the effects of these changes. However, if the acne or skin conditions become severe, then it is advisable to consult a doctor so that further infection does not occur.

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