How do I flush my body as a woman of bad toxins on a regular basis without spending 100s of $ on pills? I am a 30yr old woman, mom, wife, etc active with no exercise.

Body detox home remedies 

Detoxing your body can be carried out at home. However you should be prepared to follow all the restrictions and adhere to the diet. In order to cleanse your body, you should first of all increase your intake of fluids. You should ensure that you drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Fruit juices can also be drunk. However, remember to drink juices to which sugar has not been added. You should eat natural food like fresh fruit and raw vegetables. Food that contains white flour should be completely avoided. Drink warm water with a tablespoon of honey mixed into it. Red meat and sugar are other things to be avoided. Your intake should consist primarily of food that is raw or food that does not require a great deal of cooking or spices. You can eat boiled vegetables, drink buttermilk rather than yogurt.   Ripe papayas can be eaten regularly. Drink plain lime juice, with only a small pinch of salt added to it.

In addition to the dietary details, you should also ensure that you have some regular physical exercise. The fresh air that you get when you go out for a morning walk, is essential in order to feel cleansed. You can also practice breathing exercises and learn meditation.

answered by G M

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