What is an alternative treatment for athlete's foot?

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Take either castor oil or cow ghee(clarified butter. Warm it a little and add borax powder to it, 1 tsp for every 25 ml ghee/oil. Mix thoroughly and apply in warm condition on affected area, twice a day.

Make concentrated sea salt solution in warm condition. Put it in foot bath and soak your feet for 20 minutes till water is warm. Repeat this 3-4 times, allowing 1-2 days in between the treatment to allow foot to recuperate. While this is simplest treatment, it causes stinging sensation which you should be able to bear.

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Athlete's foot PREVENTION

  • Keep your feet as dry as possible, particularly between the toes where moisture can accumulate;
  • Never go barefoot in public places. Always wear some sort of shoe, such as sandals or flip flops;
  • Use a foot powder to keep your feet dry. Plain cornstarch makes a great foot dusting powder;
  • Wear shoes that are well ventilated and, preferably, made of natural material such as leather Avoid plastic-lined shoes. Avoid tight, closed toed shoes. The moisture and heat built up by this type of footwear can flourish athlete's foot fungus
  • Wear cotton socks, and change them at least once a day;
  • Always wash socks in the hot water.

Home remedies: Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is the most common way to treat athlete's foot naturally, and one of the most Grapefruit seed extract: Grapefruit seed extract has been shown to have strong anti-fungal effects. The best way to use this extract is to apply a few drops to the palm and rub it into the feet two or three times daily. Carom seeds basil decoction

Boil 4tsp of carom seeds and few basil leaves in 4 cup of water make it 1 cup then add luke warm water and a pinch of salt and place feet in that water for 10 minutes then dry feet properly it will give relief inn few days only. Homoeopathic Graphites ointment can be applied on foot after drying for 2-3 weeks yield more beneficial results

Diet for Athlete's Foot : Those with chronic athlete's foot conditions, or those who suffer from recurrent athlete's foot, are advised to avoid high consumption of breads, baked goods and other yeast containing products

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Scrupulous cleanliness and tea tree oil or lavender oils applied to the area everyday after showering. The shower base should be cleaned after each use - socks should be cotton and clean daily, towels should be washed after each use. Baking soda in the shoes and excess tipped out - once the problem is cleared apply the oils anyway and maintain optimal hygiene.

answered by J R M

  • Tea tree oil has anti fungal properties. Rub 5-10 drops of oil 3 times a day on yur foot.
  • Eat garlic every morning, or include in your meals, as garlic has antifungal properties and will help to treat the fungus.
  • Corn starch sprinkled over your toes absorbs the moisture and help to keep your feet dry.
  • Include fresh fruits and dark green leafy vegetables in your diet.
  • Avoid carbonated beverages, oily foods, baked items (yeast), alcohol and sugar.
  • As athlete's foot is a contagious skin infection you should maintain proper foot hygiene by wearing comfortable (preferably natural fiber) foot wear. Keep your feet dry. Use antifungal powder or use baking soda (wash it after 10-15 minutes) as it is very effective against the fungus. Wear cotton socks and keep your foot wear clean from inside.

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