I want to lose my weight. What do I do?

Individuals tend to gain weight when they overeat and do not engage in adequate exercise. This occurs when the consumption of food is more than the amount that is burnt off. There could, however, be other causes of weight gain. hypothyroidism is the most common reason for abnormal weight gain. This condition is characterized by a deficiency in thyroid production which in turn decreases the metabolism of the body. The body begins to accumulate fat and also retains water because of the deposits of protein. A deficiency of essential fatty acids also causes food cravings which lead to weight gain. These cravings are more centered on fatty foods. Sometimes reactions could occur from eating certain types of foods. There may be bloating due to fluid retention which leads to weight gain. Cushing’s syndrome causes fat build up in the stomach, back and face. Birth control pills and hormone replacement medication also have weight gain as a side effect. Kidney, heart or liver disorders may also lead to fluid accumulation in the body. Binging on food due to depression or emotional stress is another cause of weight gain. Imbalances of the blood sugar levels could also be a cause of obesity.

In order to lose weight it is important to keep a careful watch on your eating habits. Oily and fatty foods must be avoided. Regular exercise must also be incorporated into your daily activities. This helps to burn off the consumed fats. Consumption of alcohol and cigarette smoking must be stopped completely. Sweets and carbohydrate rich foods must be excluded from your diet. Whole wheat products and green leafy vegetables must be consumed regularly. Drinking a glass of lukewarm water after meals aids the digestion process and also helps to burn off excess fat. Restrict the intake of salt in your meals.

A good home remedy for shedding excess weight is to consume a drink of honey, basil and warm water. You may also add some lime juice and honey to lukewarm water and drink every morning. Ginger tea also works well to burn excess fat in the body. Cholesterol levels are maintained by consuming tomato. You can also soak some dried plums in water and consume the water the next morning. Preparations of finger millet help to prevent cravings as the carbohydrates require more time for absorption into the system. They also supply the body with essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B1 and B2, thereby preventing malnutrition.

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Losing weight is one of the most common problems that people face especially during social situations. There are numerous ways to control or lose weight; however in order to arrive at a given target that is ideal for an individual, it is important to mention the height and current weight for further action.

One of the most effective ways of maintaining an ideal body weight is to engage in regular exercise and adopt a healthy diet. Almost every medical expert is of the opinion that regular exercise and healthy diet go hand-in-hand in maintaining an ideal weight. Walking is believed to be one of the easiest yet simplest techniques in inducing weight loss. Brisk walking helps to increase cardiovascular activity in addition to burn calories at a faster rate. Other forms of cardiovascular exercises include swimming and bicycling.

Include plenty of water in your daily diet; approximately 8 glasses of water every day, as water helps in aiding metabolism and getting rid of toxins from the body. Water is a vital constituent in every cell in the body and is extremely essential for hydration and normal functioning of the body. Some nutritionists suggest that drinking a couple of glasses of water before a major meal helps in consuming less food thus preventing the intake of excessive food during meals. This particular habit if inculcated on a daily basis and for a long period of time can help in controlling weight.

There are other useful yet simple methods that some people adopt in their quest for weight loss. A popular folk remedy points to the consumption of fresh lemon juice for effective weight loss. Drinking lemon juice on a regular basis without any sweetener is believed to aid in weight loss. However, the claims of weight loss due to lemon juice are yet to be verified by medical research. Lemon juice nevertheless is known to have numerous health benefits; hence consumption of fresh lemon juice can actually help in aiding the digestion of food.

Half a teaspoon of honey can be added to the fresh lemon juice to bring in sweetness and make it more palatable.  More importantly honey is also known to be another popular folk remedy in reducing weight and perhaps a blend of both these elements may bring about desired results of reducing fat in the body.

Include plenty of raw green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet, as fruits and vegetables greatly help in fortifying the body with essential nutrients while helping to reduce the body of unnecessary fat. Certain fruits and vegetables are also believed to be high in fiber and essential antioxidants such as oranges, grapes, apples, melons, broccoli, green beans, lettuce etc. most green leafy vegetables are low in calories and highly abundant in important minerals and vitamins.  Avoid the consumption of fatty foods especially deep-fried saturated junk foods and red meat. Not only do these kinds of foods add on excessive weight but regular consumption of red meat and fried foods can also bring health problems such as high blood pressure and increase cholesterol in the body.

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Ayurveda has got number of excellent remedies for overweight problem.
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There is not a single home remedy universally applicable to all, which can cause weight loss. IF your weight is due to excess fat, then only you can lose weight. When muscles are dense, weight loss can not occur unless you fast for a number of days.

For loosing fat, one has to undertake a number of measures. Author has extensively discussed these over a number of pages at:


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There is insufficient information regarding your age, sex, height, weight and activity pattern. Disciplined lifestyle, balanced diet and exercise is the best combination to lose weight. I've already provided home remedies for weight loss.

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