Home remedy for dark underarm skin

The dilemma of dark underarms is one that almost every woman is confronted with. Dark underarms are a common problem that is not unique to women alone, but there is a lot more pressure and stress on appearances when it comes to women. Dark underarms restrict your wardrobe and for many women the option of wearing sleeveless clothes is ruled out. Waxing may solve your problem but is not a guaranteed solution. Moreover it can be extremely painful and unbearable for some. Waxing the underarms very often results in bleeding.

If you have been shaving to get rid of that underarm hair it may explain the darkening of your underarms. Shaving causes a darkening and thickening of the hair. This means that even beneath the surface of your skin the hair can cause your skin to take on a darkened appearance. Friction while shaving also adds to the problem. If you switch to waxing it could be the solution. Many women have found it to be the solution to their problem, provided they could endure the intense pain. Not all women have to deal with bleeding, but those are a lucky few. Waxing helps as compared to shaving, because it does not thicken or increase hair growth, in fact it is believed to reduce hair growth.

Darkening of the skin can also occur due to the build up of dead skin cells, or even due the accumulation of dirt and grime. Excessive perspiration in the area can also add to the problem. Waxing again does help to some extent as pulling off the wax strip doesn’t just rip out the hair, but also the layers of dead cells. I would however advice you to try out a variety of methods of hair removal to decide which one works best for you. To get rid of dead cells and dirt you can scrub the area with a pumice stone or loofah, whilst bathing.

While waxing may help you, you should keep in mind that your method of hair removal is not necessarily the only cause of dark underarms. There are other factors that cause darkening of the skin. The use of certain deodorants and antiperspirants can cause a darkening of the skin, in which case you need to switch products or avoid using such cosmetics. Friction is also a likely cause, which is more common in overweight individuals. fungal infections are another possible cause, if there is a lack of personal hygiene.

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