How to remove our underarms and under legs dark skin which causes through using hair remover creams?

Given the fact that a person's aesthetic appeal is becoming more and more important, it is easy to understand certain individuals discomfort when it comes to dark patches on their skin. Good looks have become a major priority in the world and this is reflected in the varied number of beauty products that are available in the market. It has become so much of a priority that a number of people will choose the easy option of cosmetic surgery and other unnatural methods of boosting their aesthetic appeal. This they believe also leads to a boost of their confidence and self esteem. Using beauty products like face creams and hair removal creams is commonplace in today's society, but what a number of people fail to realize is the significant damage that these products could cause them as most of these substances are chemical based. Most of these chemicals also tend to react with the skin, causing some complication or the other over a period of time. As in your case, the darkening of the skin is one of the most common complications. However, it is important to point out that very rarely will hair removal creams from a good brand cause such a reaction - but that will also depend heavily on your skin type.

Attaining fairness is a very common objective among people and a number of home remedies have been developed all over the world in order to help people achieve this. Besides care has also been taken that this is done without the risk of a reaction with chemicals that are so abundant in commercial products. Lemon is considered to be a natural bleaching agent. One could extract the juice from a lime and apply it over the affected areas for a period of about 20 minutes. Wash it off using plain water to see noticeable results. This could be done for a couple of months for some very positive results. Another option is to create a mixture of 1 teaspoon each of milk powder, honey, lemon juice and ½ a teaspoon of almond. Apply this mixture on the affected area and wash it off after a period of about 20 minutes. The constituents of this mixture not only help bring back the shine to the skin, but also help in removing any tan that might be present. You could also try using some mint leaves after grinding them into a paste and applying it to the area for a period of over 20 minutes before washing it off using some cold water.

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