Information about nail polish and toenail fungal infection

Fingernail and toenail infections, with fungal infestations are very common. The infection is most likely caused by the onychomycosis fungus. Because of the peculiar conditions under which fungal infections can take hold and thrive, it usually the toenail that gets infected first Treatment is most effective if administered promptly, while a delay makes it proportionately harder to cure.

Fungi thrive in moist, damp, and warm conditions. For this reason your feet are so vulnerable, particularly if you are in the habit of wearing closed shoes for extended periods of time, or follow poor hygiene practices such as failing to change socks regularly. A mild infection can be treated very effectively with natural remedies at home. I would however It is strongly advise to stop using any nail polishes as it tend to cover up the finger nail, and this in itself may cause or encourage fungal growth.

This is not necessarily the cause of your infection as there are a variety of other causes, but it could definitely have played a part and encouraged the fungal growth.First and foremost, you need to be very careful about hygiene. Always wear clean socks or gloves, and try to allow your hands or feet to be aired out. Make sure that they are clean and dry. Fungal infections are contagious so take care not to share personal items, and also make it a point to wash clothing and other items separately and thoroughly.

As far as treatment goes, over the counter anti-fungal ointments are quite effective, but you can even avail of some effective natural remedies. Tea tree oil is the most popular anti-fungal application. You can add a few drops to a warm water basin for a soak, or simply apply the diluted solution directly, with a cotton swab. Apple cider vinegar is also widely recommended as an effective natural treatment for fungal infections like nail fungus.

Most of these home remedies are inexpensive and easily available, which makes them a very good option. They are also effective and for the most part pose no risk, particularly if used appropriately. Make sure that you follow these treatments regularly and meticulously so that the condition resolves completely. A relapse will only worsen the condition. If the remedies are ineffective, and there is a relapse or worsening of the situation you would need to consult your doctor immediately.

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