Advice on how to increase bilirubin level

  • The green leaves of radish are valuable remedy for jaundice. Pound the leaves and extract the juice through cloth. Half a liter of this juice should he taken daily. It induces a healthy appetite and proper evacuation of bowels, which result in gradual decrease of the trouble.
  • Drinking barley water several times during the day is another good remedy. One cup of barley should be boiled in three liters of water and simmered for three hours.
  • Drink tomato juice with salt on empty stomach every morning.
  • Mash 1 ripe banana and eat with 1 tsp of honey twice a day.
  • Mix carrot and beetroot juice in equal proportions with half a lemon squeezed.  High intake of lime juice is very beneficial.
  • Drink 20 ml of lemon juice mixed with water several times a day. This will protect the damaged liver cells.
  • Take the medicines which are prescribed by your gastroenterologist.

answered by S P

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