Since last 12 years my bilirubin is in very high level. Can you please tell me some natural remedies to reduce it?

There are a variety of dietary changes that will help you to reduce your bilirubin levels naturally. Since bilirubin is a fluid secreted in the liver, you can start eating fruits and vegetables that are good for the liver. The first on this list would be white and red radish. Radish has an almost magical effect on improving the general condition and functioning of the liver. You should start by having radish juice each morning. This will automatically help to reduce bilirubin levels. You can also have plain chopped radish with your lunch. Remember that radish can also cause gas, so you are better off avoiding eating it in the evenings, or else you may be in for a very uncomfortable night! An excellent fruit to eat is the star fruit. If you can get it raw, it will work more effectively in improving the condition of your liver. Sugarcane is also an excellent remedial measure that you can use to improve the working of your liver. Chew on a few pieces of raw sugarcane every morning or have a glass of fresh sugarcane juice for excellent results. You can also have coconut water. This will also help to generally improve your digestive system as well. Try to have it fresh, rather than bottled or canned. Tomatoes are also very good for the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of the liver. You can put them in a lot of cooked food, and also eat them raw for excellent results.

Another really good way to improve not only your liver, but all internal organs in the body is to get an hour or so of Yoga into your routine each day. This will help you to develop better control over the inner workings of your body. You are advised to find a qualified instructor who can teach you well and properly. If for some reason it is not possible for you to do Yoga, you should at least follow a daily exercise regimen. Start with a brisk walk or a gentle session of jogging. Exercise acts as a pump in your body. Your increased heart rate and breathing will make the blood pump faster and will stimulate your organs. This will help to purify your blood and improve the functions of all organs. So, if you start exercising daily, you will also notice that you are in general better health overall, and you will also feel better.

answered by G R

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