what gets rid of lice and the nits with out using a store product that is not harmful to you

Lice and nits are one of the most common problems faced all over the world. People in the third world are more prone to this due to the hygiene standards in these areas. Symptoms of the presence of head lice ad nits will include significant irritation around the scalp - causing you to regularly scratch your head; as well as actually seeing the pests in the hair. Given that they are a common problem, it is easy to understand the fact that there are a number of home remedies for lice and nits that will prove to be rather effective.

One of the most highly regarded natural remedies for lice and nits is to simply soak the scalp in tea tree oil because of the antifungal, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties of the lotion. Washing your hair using some vinegar is also a very popular choice of natural remedy for lice and nits and will help in eliminating the nits as well as the eggs in a couple of days. Rubbing mouthwash on your head is also known to be a very effective method of treating the problem. Besides this you could also take a mixture of butter and lemon and apply it on the head and rinse it out after about 30 seconds.

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What are the causes of lice and nits?

The word louse is used as a name for a parasite that tends to infest the hair of human beings. The development of lice occurs when the individual is exposed to another person who has head lice. This may even occur when the individual is exposed to lice that may be present on items of clothing or on commonly shared bedding. The most common symptoms of head lice are itching and pain in the scalp. This is because lice tend to claw through the skin to collect blood for nutrition.

It is important to understand the causes of head lice. Head lice are not exclusive to people who follow poor hygiene and cleanliness patterns. This is a myth and should not be believed. Head lice can affect any person who comes into contact with the parasites. This is the reason why one may notice an outbreak of lice in a number of people who share accommodation such as children who attend camps together. Head lice can be treated by using medicated head washes and medicated hair oil. This must be done the moment any signs of head lice or nits are found. In extreme cases, the patient may have to shave off his or her hair to remove the entire population of lice.

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How to prevent head lice?

Head lice are parasites that infest the scalp of affected individuals. These parasites dig through the scalp and consume blood from their hosts. This causes pain and itching to the individual who is affected by the condition. It should be understood that head lice do not occur because of poor hygiene or lack of cleanliness. The problem of head lice results when the individual comes in contact with the parasites that then infest their scalp.

Preventing head lice is not very difficult and certain points need to be kept in mind for this purpose. Head lice can transfer if one uses the same combs or the same bedding material. Thus, these should be separated for all members of the family. Head lice are also transferred from one person to another if they consecutively use the same bedding material. Thus regular washing and changing of sheets and other bedding material is also very important. Another method of preventing head lice is the use of pre-emptive washing of the hair with anti-lice medicated washes. One may also use certain types of hair oil that work to remove any lice that are present. This is especially useful as it can be used even before a large infestation is detected.

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Could you suggest an effective head lice removal method?

There are many different methods that can be used for the removal of head lice. An infestation of head lice occurs when the individual comes into contact with head lice from another infested person or from bedding or clothing that is infested. It takes just a single louse to begin an infestation as lice tend to multiply very quickly. It is important to have a confirmation that there are lice present before one tries to remove them.

When it comes to removing head lice, one must understand that this is a long process and it would take a few days to get rid of them completely. It is first recommended that you use some medicated oil for your hair and leave it on for sometime. You should then use some medicated shampoo to wash your hair thoroughly so as to kill the lice. Moving lice must be caught with tweezers or other such tools and removed to be placed in a bowl of water that should later be disposed of. This is the most simple natural lice removal method and practiced everywhere, though it is very time consuming. Nits or lice eggs must be removed as well. It is useful to use a nit comb to catch all remaining eggs so that the infestation does not repeat itself.

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