Home treatment for lice egg in infant

Regular checking of your child's hair is an effective method of keeping head infestations at bay. Commercially available anti lice chemicals are helpful, provided, the instructions are carried out properly. Wet combing method is one of the efficient ways of lice removal in a manual manner. Head lice infestation results in severe scratching of the head. The 3 step wet method is as follows:

  1. Wet the hair and shampoo well, followed by rinsing
  2. Massaging a conditioner
  3. Combing with a nit comb and wiping with a tissue.

Head lice, at times, become immune to the harsh chemicals, thereby recurring in spite of the chemicals used. Lice live for a month. Nits are the eggs of the lice and are difficult to remove. They hatch in 7 to 10 days. They become adults in a week or 10 days. They live by laying 10 eggs per day each and live for the next 20 days. Leaving olive oil overnight on the scalp is also effective. It also leaves the hair with shine. Tea tree oil mixed with powdered camphor also proves beneficial. Margosa oil is an excellent home remedy for removal of lice.

answered by Dr C

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