I think I have an ear infection, but I don't have insurance, so if I don't get it treated will it just go away without causing any permanent damage? What's the best home cure?

An ear infection is a condition where there is some infectious material built up between the outer cartilaginous ear structure and the inner membrane of the ear. Sound travels from the outer structure through the ear canal till it reaches the membrane. This membrane vibrates in response to the sound and moves tiny bones within the ear. It is this movement that produces the signal which is interpreted by the brain. Ear infections are those that affect the ear canal and the area around the membrane. Infections may also affect the inner side of the ear, but these will be termed as sinus related infections because this inner canal is connected to the oral and nasal system. It is therefore necessary to prevent an ear infection as sometimes it could progress to chronic ear infections that could cause considerable discomfort to the individual.

Ear infections can affect people of all ages. These infections tend to be most common in infants and young children. This does not mean that ear infections do not affect older people. The ear canal is filled with tiny hairs and is also regularly filled with a waxy substance. This combination of hair and wax is designed to capture foreign objects and potential infections.

Some of the common symptoms of ear infection include pain in the ear, discharge of fluid from the ear, rapid buildup of wax in the ear and difficulty in hearing from the affected ear. The pain encountered during such a problem may be severe and unbearable at times. An individual who experiences these symptoms or signs of ear infection should visit a doctor. However, those who have had these symptoms of ear infection before may take some simple steps to cure the problem. This may be especially useful for individuals who may not be able to visit a doctor or who need some immediate relief from this problem.

There are several products at home that can be used as home remedies for ear infections. These natural ear infection remedies have been used for centuries and can be applied to this problem as well. Garlic is known for its medicinal properties including its ability to reduce inflammations. Garlic is one of the effective home remedies for ear infections.

Three or four drops of garlic juice extracted from a fresh clove of garlic will be effective. The individual must lie with the affected ear facing upwards, so that the juice remains in the ear for a few minutes. This treatment can be repeated over the course of two or three days to make the infection subside. When the pain reduces, one can use ear buds to clean the ear out. In this situation, the bud should be inserted slowly into the ear so that it does not compress the wax further into the canal. One may need several buds one after another if there is significant wax build up.

Lightly warmed olive oil is also recommended when one seeks home remedies for ear infections. This oil is capable of providing some relief. The individual can turn over once the oil has seeped into the ear so that it flows back out. The ear can then be cleaned. This may help to dislodge some material from the ear. One could also use hydrogen peroxide as effective ear infection remedies. However the use of such ear infection remedies is not recommended for infants and children. Swimmer's ear is another infection that is known to affects people who may swim in unhygienic pools. Thus swimming should be avoided in order to prevent the ear infection from worsening.

There are also some general home remedies for ear infections. The use of vitamin C is one such remedy. Vitamin C is known to boost immune system function and is useful for individuals who suffer from colds and coughs. This is particularly helpful if the individual suffers from an ear infection that is compounded by the onset of a cold or cough.

If the symptoms of ear infection do not reduce within 2 or 3 days of using home remedies for ear infections, the patient must visit a doctor without any hesitation.

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You don't seem to be clear about the fact, as to whether you are suffering from an infection at all. Treatment with home remedies depends on the kind and degree of infection. Your health plays a priority role than your insurance. Seek medical guidance immediately.

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