Home remedy for scabies in children

Scabies is a skin infection that is caused by a particular kind of parasite called Sarcoptes scabei. This parasite tends to linger in clothes, linen and furnishing, making it difficult to get over and generally seeming all-pervasive.

The best treatment for scabies is, of course, permethrin. This is a prescribed medicated cream for this particular infection.  You need to apply only a certain concentration of the cream. You are right to be afraid because permethrin is used in pesticides as well and is also a known carcinogen. That is why the concentration and dosage is important. Doctors usually say that the cream can be applied once or twice a week. Applying this cream can have some side effects like burning and stinging therefore it becomes important to follow the prescription.

On the other hand you can also try some home remedies which work as cures for scabies. You can use some homemade solutions with herbs to help heal the skin and kill the mites faster. Diluted tea tree oil can be used in baths. Even vinegar solutions in baths can help soothe the skin. There are other herbs which can provide relief but there is little scientific proof that herbs can actually cure scabies. Some of the herbs you can try are balsam of peru and Azadirachta indica. Peppermint oil is one essential oil that can help relieve itching. Apply the essential oil like a lotion, till you are sure you scabies free and chances are it will not return. Products with ingredients from the citrus families like soaps, bath oils, bath salts or even plain citrus juice can help reduce itching and irritation. If the itching is unbearable you can also take an antihistamine to alleviate it temporarily or use calamine lotion to avoid itching. Avoid aggravating the skin. Have cool water baths so that the heat does not dry your skin and increase the itching sensation.

Along with home remedies, a change in personal hygiene will go a long way in preventing another attack of scabies.  The best solution, after controlling your infection, is to disinfect all your child’s personal items. Use medicated shampoos and solutions to rinse all used clothes and other washables. Make sure your house is sufficiently cleaned. You need to doubly sure because scabies mites tend to survive for up to 2 days without a human host!


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Prescription permethrin is considered safe even for infants as young as 2 months old. But I understand your concern and would suggest you to treat Scabies naturally with our home cures:

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