I need a home remedy for scabies ASAP! please!

Scabies is a highly infectious skin condition caused by a parasitical infestation. The rash is caused due to the Sarcoptes scabiei, an itch mite. Mites are extremely small eight legged parasites. The scabies mites are extremely small at just around a third of a millimeter in length and can not be seen with the naked eye. You should however be able to observe them through a magnifying glass or microscope.

Scabies is more irritating than it is threatening. It causes very severe itching that is generally a lot worse at night. As a fallout it can therefore cause disturbed and poor sleep. Itching is usually severe in small children and older adults while the skin reactions are worse in children. If this is the first time you have got a scabies infection there may be no symptoms or itching for a few weeks, but in other cases the symptoms generally appear within a few days.

Treatment for scabies needs to be directed not just towards the infected but towards all members of the household and intimate contacts. This is because of the highly infectious nature of the disease and the chance of re-infection. Others who are infected may not show symptoms yet, but once they do show up it could be too late and lead to re-infection.

Here are the steps you need to take to treat the condition:

All clothing and linen in contact with the infected person needs to be washed thoroughly in hot water and ironed in an effort to destroy not just the mites but the eggs as well.

You also need to strengthen your immune system by increasing your dietary intake of zinc. Do not take any supplements without consulting your doctor or a dietician. Instead consume natural food sources like turkey, egg yolks, sesame seeds, fish and whole grain breads.

The most widely recommended treatment by herbalists and most naturalists is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is renowned for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, but is also believed to kill the scabies mites. It will therefore also eliminate the chance of any further infection that could be caused by scratching. Tea tree oil will also sooth the irritated skin. Essential oils are not supposed to be applied directly on the skin and they are normally supposed to be diluted. For the treatment of scabies however you are advised against dilution. If you have sensitive skin however this may be a problem. Another option therefore would be to add the oil to a warm bath and soak yourself for ten to fifteen minutes as frequently as possible.

Unfortunately the effectiveness of natural treatments for scabies is debatable, as some claim success, while others have had no such luck. If the condition persists after a few days of treatment make sure you get medical treatment from your doctor. Prescriptions ointments and creams for scabies are extremely effective.

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