What causes sore throat pain during pregnancy?

While a sore throat is a rather common condition, being pregnant can make you very skeptical about the best treatment option as you tend to be careful about how it may impact your overall health as well as that of the unborn child. A sore throat can be caused by a number of factors such as a common virus or even the simple act of excessively breathing through the mouth - which could cause a significant amount of dryness and soreness. Other likely causes of a sore throat include post nasal drip, bacterial infection and exposing the throat to certain medications. Chronic soreness of the throat that lasts for a stretch over a number of weeks could be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition that warrants medical investigation. When suffering from a sore throat, the patient is likely to experience a number of symptoms including a significant amount of pain and irritation or inflammation of the throat which may also be followed by the onset of chills, fever and some hoarseness or laryngitis. One may also experience the inflammation of the lymph nodes present on the sides of the neck while a very close inspection of the back f the throat would reveal that it may be covered with a grayish white membrane.

Before taking any of the usual over the counter medications to treat a sore throat while you are pregnant it is essential that you consult your doctor about which medications are the safest. Even better than this would be to try and treat the condition naturally as this will offer a treatment that has no side effects or chemical substances that could play havoc with your already constantly varying chemical levels within the body. Marshmallow root tea is one of the most effective sore throat remedies and can be easily prepared by adding 1 tablespoon of dried root to a cup and adding about 8 ounces of boiling water before covering it for a period of 10 minutes. After this time has elapsed, strain the mixture and drink it three times a day. a woman is more prone to developing a cold or flu during a pregnancy as a result of the lowered immune system which is essential for the body to stop the woman's body from rejecting the unborn child. The best ways to boost the immune system naturally during this phase would be to consume a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C.

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