Can stress cause a sore throat?

If you are a teacher who has to deal with tiny tots or not so sensible adolescents from 9 to 5, chances are your throat is surely to be out of shape and out of order quite often. Teachers, professors, and those in the education field often complain of sore throats. This is because that is the part of their body that's overworked. Naturally then, the throat is stressed and decides to misbehave. Even if you are not in the academic business, stress can go a long way to ensure that you readily fall prey to common viruses. Often people complain of sore throats after a spectacular bout of work that just had to be done the day it arrived. So, yes, stress does sore. The best way you can deal with such sore throats is to get some good rest.

If that's asking for too much in this day and age, try not to overwork yourself. Learn to delegate and try not to worry about things that are really not your responsibility. You can also try salt water gargles. They do bring considerable relief. Gargle as frequently as possible. Also, you can switch to drinking tea stirred with honey. In addition, you can also include a herbal tea as part of one of your meals. This herbal tea should be mixed with lavender, slippery elm, or comfrey - ingredients that do soothe the throat.

answered by G R

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