Can vinegar clean out your system

Vinegar has been used in nearly all modern cultures for a very long time. Apart from its culinary uses it has also been of great medicinal value.  However, the fact remains that many of the benefits that have been researched in clinical trials are quite inconsistent and therefore cannot ratify the health benefits claimed. The statement that vinegar could be used to clean out your system  is a bit of a misnomer. There is no substance that can really “cleanse” the body as such and there are specialized organs that perform this task in the body every single minute that we are awake. Detoxification is something that has been purported by advocates of hydrotherapy for a long time. These cleansing methods include drinking almost two liters of water throughout the day or having warm water enema to cleanse the colon. Rest assured that if detoxification is the objective, then these don’t really work either.

If detoxification can be viewed from another perspective of ingesting something that causes the body to start an excretory process, then the use of natural diuretics and flavonoids immediately come to the fore. Natural diuretics that are commonly available come in the form of caffeine. This can be acquired from coffee and Tea. Flavonoids are a special class of compounds that are present in all plants, especially those with pigment in them. Flavonoids are especially abundant in the green and black teas. The good thing about tea is that it contains both flavonoids and caffeine. Flavonoids are not very well absorbed in the body but when they are absorbed, they have a strong antioxidant effect. Coupled with this, the body immediately secretes chemicals to remove flavonoids from the body and these very same chemicals are also useful in breaking down tumor tissues. Green tea is in fact one of the few substances that can prevent the onset of lung cancer.

In addition to these, a healthy intake of antioxidants like vitamin C is extremely crucial in ensuring that you are protected against cellular damage from free radicals. These chemicals are highly reactive and will bind to DNA. Antioxidants can course through the body and mop up these free radicals, preventing at least one more point of damage and toxic build up in the body – possibly preventing cancers as well.

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