What are natural cures for adhd? Suggest

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. As the name suggests, this is a behavioral problem in which the patient suffers from an abnormally short span of attention and often tries to switch from one action to another in rapid succession. Though this condition mostly affects children, it can also manifest itself in adults if they did not receive adequate treatment for it when they were younger. The most common symptoms of this disease in children are distractedness, sudden and sometimes violent mood swings, difficulty in concentrating on lessons and in learning new concepts. Research has revealed that ADHD is hereditary in nature, so children of parents who have had a past history of this disease are naturally more prone to this condition. It is now believed that when certain parts of the brain responsible for aiding concentration or regulating behavior fail to function properly, the person suffers from ADHD. It is also held that excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking by an expectant mother can cause the unborn child to be vulnerable to this condition.

It was also earlier a popular notion that the additives in artificially colored and flavored food items cause ADHD, but recent studies show that this might not be true. Social circumstances like difficulty in adjusting with people in the immediate surroundings, stress and trauma could also trigger off or aggravate this condition. It is difficult to trace the cause of ADHD to a single universal factor, as the condition manifests itself differently in terms of nature and extent in every individual patient.

It is not possible to cure ADHD completely through natural means. However, a few measures can be followed at home in order to prevent the patient's condition from deteriorating further. Since it is the brain's inability to produce certain essential chemicals that is believed to cause ADHD, consuming certain nutrients through your diet is an effective way of supplementing this lack. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to stimulate nerves and maintain them, so eating food rich in these chemicals like flax seeds and fish is widely believed to help stabilize and improve the condition of ADHD patients. Also increase the amount of whole grains, cereals, raw and leafy vegetables, fruits and natural fruits juices in the diet of the patient. These supply the body with essential vitamins and minerals, and keep the nervous system in good order. Regular physical exercise and participation in games designed to channel the patient's excess energy into constructive activities are also known to help.

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