Do Adults get Affected with ADHD

by Arlene

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition that we are all familiar with because of the amount of attention it has been given and the high levels of public interest. Most of this information and discussion has however revolved around ADHD as a condition that affects children and there is little mention of adult ADHD. The truth is, ADHD can also affect adults.

The lack of attention to adult ADHD is a serious oversight as many of those children who are affected by ADHD carry those behavioral traits and problems into adulthood, where dealing with complex social responsibilities and pressures can make the condition a lot more pervasive. ADHD in adults can be really problematic as it gives rise to various problems and can be damaging to social relationships, career goals, and also to self esteem and self worth. There are however some means by which to gage the presence of adult ADHD.

Depending on the varying lifestyles and personal preferences associated with adult life the symptoms of ADHD could vary and change, affecting relationships, employment and daily tasks in a variety of ways, both positively and negatively. The three major groups of symptoms would be Impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and a lack of concentration or distraction.

Impulsiveness: Adults suffering from ADHD may find it hard to control immediate or spontaneous reactions, which they may later regret. This could include behavior like gambling, substance abuse, shopping, sudden outbursts, or rash decisions and actions.

Hyperactivity: A sufferer of ADHD is likely to be restless and fidgety. This means that they can get a lot more done in a day than the average person, and while this may seem like an advantage it is not. They6 will generally persist with activities till the point of physical exhaustion.

Lack of Concentration and Focus: Distraction and the inability to focus can be quite problematic for adults as it affects the ability to focus on a task that may have serious implications whether personal, career oriented or affecting others. It would also be hard to focus on a conversation and you will find yourself easily getting board. ADHD sufferers are also likely to jump from one task to the other as they quickly lose interest.

ADHD can cause a host of problems, both physical and psychological and these can only be overcome through self help. Medications are not a lasting solution and cannot cure the condition. Counseling can help greatly as it empowers you to handle the situation yourself. stress management and physical disciplines like yoga or any other exercise can also help greatly.

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